Serangoon Garden and Kovan Properties

For many Singaporeans, the comfort of living that Serangoon Garden offers is unmatched. It has for long been regarded as the ultimate destination for landed living.

Today, this area has undergone massive revolution making it one of the best residential areas for families. If you are looking forward to move here, there is no doubt that you will appreciate leading a more satisfying with the luxurious properties at Serangoon Garden.

Besides, Serangoon Garden offers exceptional convenience to its residents thanks to its strategic location and the excellent connection. This is why Serangoon Garden receive lots of attention from investors and property developers.

Here is a rundown of some of the reasons why Serangoon Garden is the best residential area in Northeast side of Singapore:

1. Chomp Chomp and MyVillage

Talking of the best things to enjoy around Serangoon Gardens, you will be welcomed by the exciting “Chomp Chop” chorus. This incredible precinct has for long been known for not only delicious foods but also free movie-screening and pop-up bars. It makes the area a place for everyone.

Besides, MyVillage is well situated at the heart of Serangoon Gardens. In case you have never heard of MyVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, this place is a famous foodie haunt.

Its strategic location allows it to exhibit the incredible foodie heritage that surrounds this neighborhood delivering nothing that doesn’t meet your satisfaction.

You can expect unmatched quality, unbeatable value and affordable prices if you are ready to move to Serangoon Gardens.

2. Convenience

Serangoon Gardens isn’t just a residential area with excellent housing, most thing are well placed to ensure that residents enjoy remarkable convenience. Imagine, living a few minutes away from Serangoon Central that houses Nex which is one of the largest suburban malls in Singapore. Not only that, you will find many shops, restaurants, a 24- hour supermarket a public library, a cineplex among others.

The shopping mall is integrated with a bus interchange alongside an MRT interchange for the North East Line and the Circle Line. Additionally, a few distance away is Lorong Chuan MRT Station, enhancing the convenience you will get stating at Serangoon Gardens.

The MRT lines provides excellent connection around Serangoon Garden allowing residents to enjoy exceptional traveling experiences in the area. Proximity to these lines ensures that you enjoy outstanding convenience if you rely on public transport. The region is also a great destination to people who own private vehicles considering that accessing other parts of Singapore is a breeze.

3. Relaxed Environment with
Exceptional Mix of Cuisines

Serangoon Garden is a quiet neighborhood with a few exceptions of places such as Nex. You will enjoy most of the late-night outlets around MyVillage characterized by little noise and crowds.

So, if you hate noise, then your concerns are well taken care of if you purchase a property at Serangoon Garden and Kovan.

Serangoon Garden doesn’t just provide you with good food, and it offers various mix of cuisines ranging from Modern European to hyperlocal. Do you like frog leg porridge, Thai Mookata or wine?

There are plenty of places in Serangoon Garden that will cater to such needs.

4. Nearby Park

The serenity of Serangoon Garden is intensified by the Linear Park that spreads forming a green lung which offers a natural respite and makes the area cool for the benefit of the residents. Visit the park when you are off from work during holidays or weekends and enjoy the greenery and the attractive flowers around the park.

The park is also an incredible place to catch up with friends. Besides, if you are a family person then it’s a place you don’t want to go to without your kids, the serenity and beauty of nature available here is kid friendly.

It has a playground that provides enough space for your kids to enjoy creative plays.

However, this place isn’t just designed to keep your children entertained, you also enjoy their fitness zone and the foot reflexology area which is quite relaxing for older people.

5. Proximity to Top Ranking Schools

In addition to the plenty amenities available at Serangoon Garden, there are many renowned schools in the area. This means that parents residing in Serangoon Garden will have an easy time picking the right school for their children.

Furthermore, you won’t have to incur lots of transportation expenses since the schools are just a stone throw away from the residence.

The school ranging from nursery school to international schools will ensure that all the education need for children leaving in Serangoon Garden and Kovan access will meet.

Some of the schools in the area include:

  • Serangoon Garden Secondary School,
  • Camberly Pre-School (Kovan)
  • Rosyth School
  • Lycee Francais De Singapour (French School of Singapore)
  • Peicai Secondary School
  • Zhonghua Primary School

Top Reasons Why Buying Landed Properties
Is Better Than Condominiums

Are you visiting Singapore and need a place to stay? Or you might be moving to a new area and need to build a home, and you need to make a crucial decision on whether to settle for a landed house or a condo. So, which is the best? It’s no doubt that anyone could get overwhelmed deciding which option is suitable since you might be having many considerations such as your family in mind.

The decrease in sizes of land and number of available parcels has led to the development of various residential types in Singapore. Among the commonly available types are landed properties and condominiums. The challenge comes in choosing a favorable one especially for buyers who can afford any of the two types of housing.

Also, the condo is usually designed to deliver a great and modern appeal which is irresistible. Moreover, they came with various amenities including first-class facilities, and you would definitely want to live in them. However, landed properties, on the other hand, are famous when space is an important factor to consider. Most conservative home buyers also normally like the lack of limitation to ownership that landed properties offer. So, which one makes a great selection? Landed property or condo? Read on to find out!

1. Less Monthly Expenses in Maintaining A Landed Property

Before you buy a property, it is important to consider the cost of maintaining it. While condos usually have fixed maintenance, charges paid every month to keep and maintain the offered facilities including swimming pool, gym, etc. and you could also be charged internal and external repairs depending on the needs of your home. But, if you own landed property, you don’t need to set aside money to cater for maintenance. This is because you are the sole owner and you can make the maintenance anytime. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of condos is normally higher than those of landed properties.

For instance, let’s consider a household with four bedrooms and compare the costs in both cases. While a two storey freehold landed unit that has one room on the first level and three on the second level would cost around SGD$2.4 million, a four-bedroom condo will cost approximately SGD$ 1.8 million. On calculating the monthly outlay figure, you will find out that it is higher by 20% for a four-bedroom condo in comparison to a two storey four bedrooms landed property.

2. Low Supply of Landed Properties

Over the past years, the number of the landed properties available on the market has increased by around 5.8% whereas non-landed properties have risen by 69%. From the findings, development of landed properties can only be improved if the government can release new land for development of landed properties or a subdivision of land.

However, freehold landed properties are scarce with more value since the government can only issue 99-year leasehold land. Additionally, not any plot can easily be subdivided and criteria for subdividing landed land is strict. Therefore, although larger parcels can be split into smaller ones, it reaches a point beyond which no further subdivision can occur.

Contrary, more condo units are on release on the market increasing their number. As the government is issuing available lands for development through bidding, lots of developers are aggressive to buy the land and use it to develop condos through collective sales. According to statistics from URA, there will be around 795 landed units and 23, 768 non-landed units between 2018 and 2022 in the market.

3. Landed Properties Have Higher Returns

According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, the prices of landed properties have increased the annual returns by about 2.5% while non-landed properties show an annualized return of approximately 0.4%. This indicates that the value of landed properties is increasing with time at a faster rate as compared to non-landed properties.

If the trend continues, then as the population rise in Singapore, shortage of landed properties is likely to occur which will positively impact their value. This is because the supply of landed properties will be limited as compared to condo availability.

4. Higher Value for The Money

Landed properties have better value for the money as far as built up space is concerned. For instance, a freehold two-storey inter terrace developed in a land measuring around 1, 800 sq ft requires a build-up area of about 2,200 sq ft. Such properties in Serangoon Garden or Kovan would cost approximately SGD$2.2 million translating to 1, 000 per sq foot. Contrary, the process of developing condos in such areas demands prices of around SGD$1300 psf which is excess. As a Singaporean in need of a large property, investing in landed property is wise.

Additionally, the number of millionaires living in Singapore is projected to reach 170,000 by 2022. This implies that the demand for landed properties and condos is going to increase as the population becomes wealthy. As a result, landed properties will become extremely scarce with an increase in demand. In fact, demand for landed properties is set to increase faster than the prices of condominiums.

Even though the choice you make depends on your preference and lifestyle, it is essential to do some research first. Data from the previous occurrences indicates that the price gap between condos and landed property is growing over time. Previously, condos used to be more appealing due to the availability of security and other essential facilities. But, today they are no longer quite attractive since not everyone requires some of the facilities offered. However, even if you are not using the facilities but stay in a condo, you still have to pay. This is why need to invest in the best housing and are on a budget then you should consider buying a landed property.

Types of Landed Properties in Singapore

Landed Properties

Landed properties are types of housing which offer personalized abode, spacious living quarters, massive pools/gardens, ultimate privacy in your private land.

These houses are the dream homes of many citizens of Singapore with high demand. Houses in this tier include:

  • Shop houses
  • Exclusive bungalows
  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Terraced houses

Cluster Home

This is another hybrid housing design built to blend spaciousness and privacy of landed properties and the convenient condo-style facilities like gyms, swimming pools, etc. although they are still rare, most of such houses are upcoming. The cluster homes can also be home to bungalows, semi-detached housing, terraces, a mix of these and designed to share common facilities.

Difference Between End and Corner Terrace

Terrace house is another type of housing that features a row of mirror image houses which share walls. The first unit is referred to as the end terrace while the last unit is referred to as the corner terrace.


In this amazing setting, Serangoon Gardens redefines the luxury that comes with living in landed properties. If you are looking forward to owning a landed property then you should be inspired by these incredible features of Serangoon Garden to make a purchase today.

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to live your dream in a world customized to suit you. Why do I say so? Serangoon Gardens not only reflects your individuality, it also caters to your lifestyle demands.