Serangoon Garden and Kovan Properties

For many Singaporeans, the comfort of living that Serangoon Garden offers is unmatched. It has for long been regarded as the ultimate destination for landed living.

Today, this area has undergone massive revolution making it one of the best residential areas for families. If you are looking forward to move here, there is no doubt that you will appreciate leading a more satisfying with the luxurious properties at Serangoon Garden.

Besides, Serangoon Garden offers exceptional convenience to its residents thanks to its strategic location and the excellent connection. This is why Serangoon Garden receive lots of attention from investors and property developers.

Here is a rundown of some of the reasons why Serangoon Garden is the best residential area in Northeast side of Singapore:

Types of Landed Properties in Singapore

Landed Properties

Landed properties are types of housing which offer personalized abode, spacious living quarters, massive pools/gardens, ultimate privacy in your private land.

These houses are the dream homes of many citizens of Singapore with high demand. Houses in this tier include:

  • Shop houses

  • Exclusive bungalows

  • Detached houses

  • Semi-detached houses

  • Terraced houses

Cluster Home

This is another hybrid housing design built to blend spaciousness and privacy of landed properties and the convenient condo-style facilities like gyms, swimming pools, etc. although they are still rare, most of such houses are upcoming. The cluster homes can also be home to bungalows, semi-detached housing, terraces, a mix of these and designed to share common facilities.

Difference Between End and Corner Terrace

Terrace house is another type of housing that features a row of mirror image houses which share walls. The first unit is referred to as the end terrace while the last unit is referred to as the corner terrace.


In this amazing setting, Serangoon Gardens redefines the luxury that comes with living in landed properties. If you are looking forward to owning a landed property then you should be inspired by these incredible features of Serangoon Garden to make a purchase today.

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to live your dream in a world customized to suit you. Why do I say so? Serangoon Gardens not only reflects your individuality, it also caters to your lifestyle demands.