Why You Should Consider Bukit Timah Landed Property?

Bukit Timah Landed Property

In terms of value, there are many reasons why Singaporeans should invest in landed properties. To start with, landed properties are very rare and they enjoy incredible topographical features. Any savvy real estate investor should consider investing in landed properties in Bukit Timah area also common known as District 10 landed for sale because of these reasons.

Strategic Location

Landed properties in Bukit Timah are no doubt situated in a prime location. Bukit Timah properties are highly sought after due to the convenience that they offer to the owners and residents.

Proximity to amenities is one of the things to enjoy when living in Bukit Timah. Everything you can think of from hospitals, schools, groceries, food courts, to shopping malls are right at the corner.

Apart from easy access to amenities, the neighborhood is peaceful thanks to the relaxing environment that this area enjoys.

With these necessities within reach, landed properties in Bukit Timah are well situated allowing you to live a quality life.

Enhanced Transportation

As you look for a landed property, connectivity is a key factor to consider. Well, Bukit Timah area has lots of bus services and MRT that will ensure you get to any point smoothly. The public transport system is advance allowing you to commute to and from work easily.

Plenty of Green Spaces

Green spaces are not just for nature lovers, they improve the quality of living. Bukit Timah features landed property that enjoys a calm environment in nature’s hands. It offers you a perfect place to escape the busy life and lead a healthy life.

Limited Supply of Landed Properties

The supply of land in Bukit Timah is limited. Besides, the demand for Landed properties is on an upward trend and scarcity is looming. Its no doubt that there will be less landed properties on offer very soon in Bukit Timah neighborhood.

Investing in landed properties right now is ideal before prices shot high. A rule of supply and demand in economics states the lower the supply, the higher the demand which consequently drives the prices higher.

Greater Capital Gain

Landed properties in Bukit Timah are hard to find. This alongside the almost sure future rise in prices shows that landed properties offer better value for money. When the prices keep rising as time moves, investors will benefit the most and enjoy great capital gains.

Landed Properties Are Attainable

To most Singaporeans, owning a landed property might seem like a dream. But, its important to note that the affordability of a residential property largely depends on your planning. When you plan and save, buying a landed property in Bukit Timah becomes achievable.

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More Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bukit Timah District 10 Real Estate Property?

Bukit Timah’s closeness to the CBD and entertainment hubs makes it a highly reputable residential enclave in Singapore for the rich. Properties in this area are sited strategically allowing them to enjoy the abundance of nature. The views proximity to amenities delivers all the convenience that residents might need when staying here.

There are many reasons to invest in district 10 properties of Singapore. The area is mostly inhabited by expatriates and rich Singaporeans who are desire luxurious living. Established educational institutions, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, are all within the vicinity. The connectivity is also enhanced for swift transportation. Anything you might need is certainly available in Bukit Timah which makes this area one of the most attractive parts of Singapore.

Here are some of the things to enjoy when living here:

DTL Downtown line Across Bukit Timah

Excellent Transportation Around Bukit Timah Landed Property

Transportation in Bukit Timah is a breeze with the availability of several bus services connecting the neighbourhood. The road transport system is established allowing private car owners to access the CBD and nearby hubs without worry. Some of the roads connecting the area include Bukit Timah Road, Dunearn Road, Farrer Road, Clementi Road, Stevens, Botanic Garden, Sixth Avenue, and Orchard Road. The transportation is set to improve in the future with the introduction of MRT stations such as Ulu Pandan, River Valley and more. Pan Island Expressway (PIE) connecting the area also enhances transportation.

Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School Around Bukit Timah

Availability of Reputable Schools Around Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah area is perfect for family leaving due to the availability of some of the best schools in Singapore. You can find educational institutions cutting through from kindergarten to tertiary institutions. So, if you have school going kinds then investing in Bukit Timah properties is a great deal as it allows you to enjoy the convenience. Besides the schools are not just in large number, the quality of education is impressive. The schools are well situated in the neighborhood and this coupled with the excellent connectivity allows easy access.

Here are some of the schools around Bukit Timah

Primary Schools

  • Bukit Timah Primary School
  • Nanyang Primary School
  • Anglo-Chinese School
  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  • Ghim Moh Primary School
  • Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
  • Henry Park Primary School

Secondary Schools

  • Nanyang Girls’ High School
  • Methodist Girls’ School
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • Nanyang Girl’s High School

Tertiary Schools

  • Catholic Junior College
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • National University of Singapore
  • National Junior College
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Orchard Shopping Belt Near Bukit Timah

Orchard Shopping Belt Near Singapore Landed Property Real Estate Bukit Timah

Several Shopping Malls Within/Near Bukit Timah

When it comes to shopping, Bukit Timah has your back. The neighborhood features many shopping malls that provides you with all the necessities that you might need from groceries, to clothes. Most of the malls also feature essential amenities such as banks, restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment facilities. You won’t have to worry about long commutes with everything close to your door step when living in this area.

When you visit the malls some of the crucial services you can find include boutiques, beauty salons, employment agencies, restaurants, schools, and other companies offering diverse services. Some of the restaurants available at the malls rank among the best in Singapore offering delicious foods. The shops also offer you various products from different reputable brands. The malls found in the neighbourhood include Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Shopping Centre, Holland Village Shopping Centre, Raffles Malls, FairPrice and more.

Newton Food Market

Plenty of Food Options If You Stay Property Around Bukit Timah

When it comes to the food scene in Bukit Timah, you can never run out of options. There are plenty of places offering various types of food and you will hardly miss your favourite meal around.

Bukit Timah Hawker Centeris a food court situated opposite Beauty World MRT station. Apart from the plenty of parking spaces, this spot offers quality and affordable food.

Other places offering unique dining experience include Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House, Mookalicious, Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant, Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria, Greenwood Fish Market and more.

With plenty of food places, you can be sure to get anything from Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, to local Chinese food among others. You will also find high-end bars and café offering any drink you might need.

Singapore Botanic Gardens In Bukit Timah

Singapore Botanic Gardens In Bukit Timah

Parks and Nature To Visit If Your Property Is At Bukit Timah

Nature lovers will love Bukit Timah because nature dominates this region. It is a perfect place to make home due to the calm and relaxing environment that gives you the much-needed escape after a busy day at work. The views you get here are priceless. Living here means your time outdoors during weekends or holidays is about to become a lot better since there are many options to choose from and several activities to engage in such as cycling, hiking and more.

Some of the incredible nature spots in the area include:

Singapore Botanic Garden

Being one of the oldest tropical gardens you will find, Singapore Botanic Garden has a lot to offer. The 160-year-old garden has earned international recognition and is Singapore’s first UNESCO Heritage Site. Its treasure to anyone who loves plants. Even if you just need a place to escape staying indoors, this place is ideal. It has plenty of spaces for dining, jogging, and more. It displays over 60,000 plants making it the world’s largest orchid display.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is sited on an equatorial belt enjoying a good climate which explains why it’s a diverse ecological system. It has a lot to offer from a variety of animals, plants, insects to the humid equatorial climate. The nature reserve is also home to the majority of Singapore’s flora and fauna. It is an amazing destination to head to when you want to stay close to nature.

The Greenway (Rail Corridor)

Running through Bukit Timah is The Greenway that links the north and south of Singapore through former rail tracks. The routes are perfect for cycling as you enjoy the tranquillity that prevails and the amazing photo-taking spots.

MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is an amazing gateway to Singapore’s nature reserves. The 12 hectare is a popular spot for exercise enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. You get to enjoy a picturesque and a bird’s view if the jungle on the treetop walks. This place will also make a great spot for recreational activity, in water and on land.

Healthcare Facilities Near Bukit Timah

Your healthcare needs are well taken care of in Bukit Timah thanks to the availability and easy access of hospitals and clinics around. If you become ill or need any medical assistance you can quickly access the nearby healthcare centres such as Raffles Medical, Bukit Timah Clinic, Yap Medical Clinic and Surgery, Bukit Timah Family Clinic and Surgery, and International Medical Clinic Jelita.

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Recent Bukit Timah Properties news in 2019

Bukit Timah is home to the upper class of society. It is made up of a collection of landed houses, cluster home, and condominiums for luxurious living. There are also features classic bungalows and several prestigious schools and other high-end facilities and amenities.

The compounded yearly growth rate for detached homes in Bukit Timah is estimated to be around 2.5% in the past 3-5 years, with the annual sales volumes averaging to between 35 and 55 homes. Since 2010, the median price for such homes has remained above $10 million. In the last 5 years, has been ranging from $11 million to $13 million.

Considering that there is a limited supply of houses in the area, the median price is likely to remain stable for the next 5 years. However, this estimation is subject to the assumption that the economic conditions will not change.

Royalgreen New Condo Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah Properties Attract Premium Prices

The previous sales figure indicates a high demand for Bukit Timah properties. In 2007, Royalville situated close to Sixth Avenue MRT Station was acquired by Allgreen Properties at $1,960 psf ppr. The developer also acquired Crystal Tower in Bukit Timah at $1,840 psf ppr.

Crystal Tower property attracted bids from 12 developers and Royalville property attracted 9 local and foreign developers. The demand for Bukit Timah properties by developers is because of the anticipated increase in price development. Research indicates that out of 3 transacted apartments unit in the area, 1 one is a new sale.

Following the property cooling measures in 2018, the transaction volumes reduced by about 20% in the next quarter. However, Allgreen properties still managed to sale about half of their available Fourth Avenue Residences units at the launch at the beginning of 2019. With a high sale price of $2,375 psf. The sales price has since risen to $2,411 psf, and climaxed by a 710 sq ft unit attaining a historical mark of $2,552 psf in April 2019.

Bukit Timah sits in the Central Area of Singapore and was not affected by the 2018 regulations that required new developments to raise their minimum average unit sizes.

It is estimated that Bukit Timah has transacted between 700 and 1000 units on average every year since 2014. The median price rose from the initial $1,800 in 2015 to the current $2,300 in April 2019. The unit size has also reduced during this time from the initial 130-150 sq m to the current 65-70 sq m.

Increasing House Prices

Sales statistics show that between 60 and 100 terraces houses and 70 and 120 semi-detached homes are sold on average each year for the last 5 years. The median terrace psf prices have hovered above $1,150 psf, and the median semi-detached have been something above $1,550 psf. The projection of median prices for non-landed properties in the next 5 years is expected to rise.

The existing development prices have enjoyed an upward trend. For instance, Maplewoods, situated in Bukit Timah Road, has enjoyed an upward trend. The price of the freehold development rose from $1,350 psf in the middle of 2014 to $1,600 psf in the middle of 2019.

Bukit Timah is a reputable neighbourhood in Singapore due to its excellent location. Being one of the finest areas to live in, it enjoys fairly stable psf prices. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in an inclusive enclave, then the highly demanded Bukit Timah area is a place to consider.

Mr Dyson Bought Bungalow At Singapore Landed Property Real Estate Bukit Timah

Dyson Founder Acquires S$45 million Bukit Timah Bungalow

Barely 3 weeks after buying a penthouse worth S$100 million, Sir James Dyson, a British billionaire inventor buys another property in Bukit Timah.  The bungalow was listed for about S$45 million and is situated at 50 Cluny Road. Its excellent location on top of a steep slope allows the residents to enjoy a spectacular view of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The property enjoys the unique design and water features such as:

  • 4 room HDB flat occupying around 100m²
  • An open concept to allow sunlight in
  • Thin hanging beams that alter the visual weight of the building without concealing the large floor area of about 1,402.8m².
  • A large curved infinity pool that is held together by a transparent screen which allows light in
  • A mini-waterfall featuring lush greenery
  • Overlooking the infinity pool is a spiral stairway designed into the middle of the building

Sir James Dyson buying the Bukit Timah property is a clear definition that this posh the neighbourhood is for residents from the highest echelons in the society. It is the perfect place to invest in if you don’t mind spending for quality living in a prime area of Singapore.

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Understand More About Geographical Location Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is a rich estate situated in the Central Region of Singapore. The name and location of the hill are composed of words from the Malay community. In Malay, Bukit refers to a hill,and Timah refers to the tin. Therefore, Bukit Timah implies “tin hill” in Malay. However, Bukit Timah has no relation with tin, a chemical element. The area acquired the name because the early residents believed that hey could find tin in the hill.

Originally, the area was named after Temek, a tree that grows in the area. In Malay, it was called, Bukit Temakwhich means hill of the temak trees. Temak was common in the area covering the slopes of the hill. But to the westerners, Temak according to Malay pronunciation sounded like Timah thus resulting in the name Bukit Timah.

Bukit Timah or commonly known as Bt Timah, is made up of 8 sub-zones occupying around 1,732 ha. The area is highly regarded because it is Singapore’s highest hill and home to a primary rainforest reserve, known as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Bukit Timah is a residential estate and a planning area found in the westernmost area of Singapore’s Central Region. It sits about 10km or 6.2 miles from the Central Business District and borders Water Catchment, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Novena, Queenstown, Tanglin, Clementi, to the North, northwest, west, east, south, southeast, southwest respectively.

The area enjoys a prime location and has many premier residential estates including landed property, and a cluster of luxury condos which makes the region highly sought after.